DPACK For Windows Unsigned Software Error

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DPACK collector software for Microsoft Windows and Server operating systems displays error about software not being digitally signed.  



It was brought to our attention this week that version of the DPACK for Windows was causing some users to get an error messages about the software not being digitally signed.  We were able to identify an issue with our software build system that was causing the failure. The DPACK team is working to resolve the issue with our software development system to allow all DPACK software to be digitally signed.  

DPACK for Windows v2.3.0.428923 is perfectly fine to run on all of the supported Microsoft operating systems and will not cause any data collection failures.  Once a signed version of DPACK for Windows is generated, the software will be updated for immediately download by all those affected.

We are continuing to investigate to ensure that previous version of DPACK for Windows were not affected. 

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