Live Optics Basics: The Participation Graph

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Participation is a server taking part in a data collection.

Live Optics defines participation as a server taking part in a data collection (Collector Run).  This is shown graphically in the Optical Prime Project Viewer.  The graph displays the number of servers over the time of the collection.  Normally, the graph is completely filled indicating all monitored servers participated 100% during the collection interval.  A gap or drop in the graph indicates one or more servers were not participating (Optical Prime could not communicate) for a period of time. 

General rules of thumb:

  • If the graph is completely filled in color, this indicates all monitored servers participated during the entire collection interval
  • If the graph shows gaps in color, this indicates one or more monitored servers were unavailable during the collection interval.  The size of the gap indicates how long the server(s) were unavailable.

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