What information does Optical Prime collect?

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What information is collected by Optical Prime


Definition (Optical Prime):

All collector versions record the same data outlined here:

•              Server Names (can be manually overridden by the user to mask real name)

•              Server Operating System (Publisher, Version, and Patch level)

•              Date and time when collection started and when collection ended

•              Collector Type and Version

•              Protocol Used to collect data

•              Physical Disk drive name or number

•              Logical Drive names (letters) mounted on Physical disks

•              Capacity of Physical Disks

•              Capacity Used on Physical Disks

•              Capacity Free on Physical Disks

•              Physical Disk Block Size

•              Total Memory

•              Total Memory Used

•              Total Memory Free

•              Server CPU Description

•              Server CPU Usage rates

•              Read IOPS**

•              Write IOPS**

•              Read KB/sec**

•              Write KB/sec**

•              Avg. Read Size**

•              Avg. Write Size**

•              Read Latency**

•              Write Latency**

•              Queue Depth**

•              VMware Virtual Memory Settings

•              Number of 10 Gb, 1 Gb, and 100 Mb Ethernet ports.

•              List of installed applications.

•              Flag if the server is virtual or physical

•              Flag if the server is hosting virtual machines


** Tracked per Physical Disk


Usernames and passwords are never stored in the SIOKIT files or transmitted to the Dell servers.

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