Live Optics Basics: Optical Prime

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Optical Prime is used to collect data from multiple operating systems in IT environments and stores the results in a uniform format called a Collector Run to be then analyzed in the Live Optics Portal with the Live Optics viwer

An Optical Prime collector run is a point in time performance capture technology that can remotely collect from hundreds of operating systems at once with unnoticeable impact on the environment.  

Optical Prime supports the many-to-one monitoring of the most popular operating systems in the market. The unique logic provided in the program gives you the ability to look at performance at the individual drive level, simulate the effect of combining workloads, or even evaluate cloud candidacy.

The Collector runs only in system memory, does not install, and makes no modifications to your system or the system from which it collects. This is purposeful design to allow most major corporations to be able to record performance and avoid change control entries required for server state alterations.

However, this does make the collector session sensitive. So logouts or reboots will terminate the collection process.

The most popular collector is the Windows based collector. The Windows based collector can remotely collect from Windows, Linux, Solaris, VMware, HPUX, and other popular Operating Systems.

All collectors can run from 4 hours to 7 days increments and can run in offline or online modes to create a local file of the results or stream the data securely to the associated online Viewer profile.

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