Red Error Code 500 Showing Up on Profile URL Registration Page

Team Live Optics


There have been reports of an inadvertently displayed error message occurring during the use of the Partner Users/OEM Users self-signup DPACK page.  The error message displayed is "$500$".  Below is a sample output of the error message.




Discovery Information

This error has been sent to the DPACK Development Team for investigation.  Initial reports of their investigation show that one of the possible scenarios for the error is related to the entering in and validation of the Country Code box in the End User signup.  We will continue to investigate this issue to determine the scope and the resolution for it.


Temporary Solution

If you are being affected by this situation, please submit a ticket to the DPACK Support Team by clicking the link below.  Please include the email address that was being registered and the URL of the self registration portal you were using when the error occurred.  We will forward along the error to the DPACK Dev Team as well as assist in getting your DPACK portal account signed up.  


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