Running Live Optics on Hyper-V Core OS

Team Live Optics


The Live Optics Team has developed a procedure to run the Live Optics collector, called Optical Prime, locally on a Microsoft Server Core installation that is running Hyper-V.  Previously, this functionality was not available and the only way to connect Optical Prime to this type of server configuration was remotely via WMI.  Below are the instructions on how to run Optical Prime locally from a Microsoft server with a core OS installation.   

Step 1.  Accessing Microsoft Server Options

  1. In order to run Optical Prime on a core installation of Microsoft server, interactive mode must be available.  To run in interactive mode, the user must have access to the Hyper-V console terminal and be an administrator.
  2. Optical Prime can also run in non-interactive mode.  This will require the user must either have access to the Hyper-V console mentioned above, or have PowerShell Remoting enabled to the core server.

Step 2.  Transfer Live Optics software to local server

In order to run Live Optics in a core server, the LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe software must be copied locally to the server(s) where it will be run.  Below are the steps to transfer LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe via a network share.

  1. Download the Live Optics collector
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP to a computer that has access to a network share available to the Core server
  3. Copy the LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe on a network share
  4. Mount the same share from the command prompt on the Core server (sample syntax)

 net use <DriveLetter>: \\<RemotePath>\<Shared_drive_name> /user:<username> *


  1. Copy LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe to the user’s folder (sample syntax) 

cp <DriveLetter>Z:\DellPack.exe C:\Users\Administrator\.

 Step 3.  Run Live Optics

The easiest way to run Live Optics on a core server is to run it in automated mode where it will discover all of the local drives connected and begin the collector run without any configuration.  To run Live Optics in automated mode, enter the following command:

.\LiveOpticsDotNet4_5 /automate


If you are running Live Optics in non-interactive mode, you will have to copy over a LiveOptics_Configuration.xml file before running Live Optics with the following command: 




  • If the an error appears when trying to run LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe that suggests 32-bit is not supported, then 32-bit emulation must be enabled on the Hyper-V core server with this command (takes a few seconds to run)
    1. start /w ocsetup ServerCore-WOW64
    2. Retry running DellPack.exe
  • If the user opted to not use the Live Optics live stream (required if they ran automated) then they will need to get the SIOKIT file off of the core server.  They will have to use a network share for that.
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