Live Optics First Time Login For End Users

Team Live Optics


Live Optics provides an easy, non-intrusive way to collect, analyze and report performance data from virtually every IT environment.  Your Live Optics data is ready to assist you in understanding your performance envelope and allow you to visually understand how your resources are working for you.

Below are three easy steps to follow to get a Live Optics account registered and logged into begin using Live Optics.


Step 1:  Complete Live Optics Registration

  1. Navigate any web browser to the Live Optics page, . .  On this page, you will find useful information about Live Optics, links to download several whitepapers, and registration links to request a Live Optics account.
  2. Click either the "Get Started Today for Free" or "Sign Up for Free " link to be taken to the account registration page.
  3. Select the radio button "I am an IT Pro" and fill in all of the fields with your information (first name, last name, company name, email address).  If you would like to be contacted to assist with the interpretation of your report, click the checkbox.
  4. Click "Sign Up" to request your Live Optics account


Step 2:  Activate Live Optics Account

Shortly after your Live Optics account request has been submitted, the Live Optics Team setup your account and you will receive a message (sample below) from the Live Optics portal with instructions on how to activate your account.  Click on the "here" link in the message to setup your password and activate your account.  




Step 3:  Login to Live Optics portal

With your password created, you are now ready to log in to Live Optics!  Allow the password page to direct you to the login page, or simply visit

NOTE:  The first time you log in, you must agree to the EULA in order to access the Live Optics portal.  



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