Activate Live Optics Customer Signup Page for Dell User, Channel Partner, and OEM User Accounts

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This Live Optics portal has numerous ways for End User accounts to be registered.  This KB article demonstrates how a Dell User, Partner User, or OEM User account can activate and setup their personal customer signup page to use as an alternative method for End User account registration.


Step 1:  Login to Live Optics with your credentials and access your profile

Access the Live Optics portal ( and login with your account credentials.

If you have never logged into Live Optics before, go to and sign up for a free account  or contact your Dell Sales Team and request they register you to the Live Optics portal.


Step 2:  Access Live Optics portal account information

Click on the My Profile menu option to access profile settings of your Live Optics portal account.

Note:  Depending on the role assigned to your Live Optics account, the dashboard view may be slightly different from what is displayed in this tutorial.




Step 3:  Activate personal End User signup page

Under Customer Signup Page heading, click the Inactive button to activate your personal End User signup page.  The custom URL and company logo upload option should become available.




Note:  Custom company logo upload is not available in the DPACK portal for Dell User accounts.


Step 4:  Upload custom company logo (optional)

For Channel User and OEM User accounts in the Live Optics portal, the option to provide a customer company logo for an End User signup page is available.  To upload a company logo, click Upload Image, browse to image file, and click Open.  After upload, you should see similar to below except your logo will be visible.




Note:  The file size must be no larger than 1MB. Image will be resized to no larger than 200 by 200 pixels. The background will be white, so a logo with a white or transparent background is ideal

Step 5:  Sample End User signup page

After configuring an End User signup page in a Live Optics account, the URL for your page should look very similar as below.  




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