Sharing A Live Optics Project

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As an End User in the Live Optics portal, the data that is collected and created into a project is directly associated with that End User account.  There may be instances where a project needs to be shared to another Live Optics portal account.  The following tutorial shows how to share a project as an End User in the Live Optics portal.

Prerequisite Information

  • Live Optics project has been created from one or more completed collector runs.


Step 1:  Access Live Optics project & click Share

After logging into your Live Optics portal account, open a project and click on the "Share" button.   




Step 2:  Select Sharing Options

When sharing a Live Optics project, there are two options, send link to master project or create copy of master project and share.  Additionally, if choosing to make a copy of a Live Optics project, you can choose to make all of the server and disk names anonymous.  Once all options are selected, click "Next".




Step 3:  Enter email address of Live Optics account to share project 

(1) Enter one or more email addresses of Live Optics users that should receive the shared project and (2) add them to the sharing list.  Once all Live Optics accounts are added, (3) click "Share".




Step 4:  Project sharing notification

All Live Optics accounts entered in Step 3 will receive an email notification from the Live Optics portal alerting them that they have been shared a project and also providing them with a a URL to access the project.  Below is a sample message that should be received by project sharing recipients.  




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