Creating Projects From Existing Collector Runs

Team Live Optics


Perhaps you mistakenly archived or deleted a project to which you no longer have access. Or maybe you requested access to a report from someone who retired from Dell or a Dell Value Added Reseller. Or perhaps you need to associate multiple collector runs to a new project. Live Optics Users can associate one or more existing collector runs to a new project. The following steps show the End User how to associate an existing collector to a new project. This can be done with in-progress or completed collectors. 


Step 1:  Login to Live Optics with your credentials and access your profile

Access the DPACK 2.0 portal ( and login with your account credentials.


Step 2:  Click on View Collector Runs

On your Dashboard, click on the "View Collector Runs" button.



Step 3:  Search for Collector Run

There are two ways to search for collector runs associated with your Live Optics account.  First, you can search information (eg, Data Range, Collector Run Name, etc) and search for collector runs that match the criteria set.  Second, all collector runs not deleted are listed under the "Collector Runs"heading under the "Search Collector Runs" query.



Step 4:  Add Collector Run to Project

Click on “Add to Project” under your targeted Collector Run. From here you can follow the pop-up windows to Create your project. 



Step 5:  Enter new project name

Type in the name of your project in the blank field for "New Project Name" to which you will include your Collector Run. 


Step 6:  Project is ready for review

Once your project has been created, the Live Optics portal will notify you that you project has been created and it will prompt you to view your project.  Click "Yes"to be taken to your project.




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