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Live Optics Partner Account:

Live Optics solved the industry wide problem of consumers of technology not being able to provide adequate requirements to suppliers of technology without a massive investment in man hours, disruptive interviewing, or costly assessments.

Partner Accounts in Live Optics allow you to interact with the consumers of IT that you do business with through Live Optics to share and have a common understanding of project requirements. This also serves as historical record of decision making that can be recalled or passed from pre-sales engagements, to implementation, and even support.

In Live Optics, the End User or the IT professional always owns their data. They can choose to share this data with you in a collaborative way to help expedite system design, decision making, and reduce risk.

As a partner you will have the option and the ability to invite them into the DPACK program and create their account. Activity in Live Optics is between you and your End User.


There are two major parties to participation in Live Optics and each has their own profile.

Consumers of Technology:

Those that are IT professionals and use/support software and infrastructure to support business activities each day.

Suppliers of Technology:

Those that produce, resell, consult or otherwise help IT professionals do their jobs better.

From a Live Optics perspective these people typically fall into these sub categories:

Channel Partners: Those that are a value added reseller of technology

OEM Technology providers: Those that build their products for sale on Dell equipment. This includes managed server providers and cloud companies as well other name brand hardware offerings where the Dell hardware component is not visible.

Consultants: Those that act to augment an IT professional staff

Getting a Partner Account is easy and Free

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