Team Live Optics

Team Live Optics

Sam Kirchoff


Founder and GM of the Live Optics (formerly DPACK) program

As a former pre-sales systems engineering lead for Dell/EqualLogic in Dec of 2008, Sam originally authored a web based log parsing engine for Perfmon and IOSTAT that would clearly demonstrate the combined disk throughput and IO demand of various servers if moved to centralized storage.

After nearly 2 years and due to a cult-like adoption between consumers and providers of technology, the program was officially funded by Dell and the program took on the name “DPACK” at its launch in August 2011. In November 2017, DPACK was re-branded as Live Optics during Dell EMC's consolidation of pre-sales tools.  Sam continues to drive the program and its offering in more than 168 countries around the world.

Peter Hunter


Distinguished Engineer and Live Optics Principal Architect

Peter was the 1st employee of EqualLogic following its three founders. Joining our team in 2010 he was instrumental in the inversion of DPACK from a log parsing engine to performance gathering software. Peter is principally responsible for authoring the Live Optics “Collector” as well as providing engineering management for the online “Viewer.”

Peter is the author and contributor to several data storage related patents as well as being the original author of EqualLogic’s RAID implementation and SAN HQ monitoring software.


Alan Rabinovich


Global Live Optics Business Developer

Alan Rabinovich joined Dell in 2010 as the Solutions Strategy Director, responsible for leading the Solutions Teams efforts to provide full support to end-users & channels in Latin America.

Alan joined the Live Optics Team in 2015 as the DPACK GM for Latin America. Alan has 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology Market.  Prior of joining Dell, Alan was the Technical Lead at NetApp and EMC.

Josh Wilson


Live Optics Sr Principal Engineer & Product Technologist

Josh joined the Live Optics team in 2014 after years of success leading a 12 person systems administration and support team for a large federal contracting company and has an extensive background in Enterprise IT technology. Josh now serves as public speaker and subject matter expert on Live Optics as well as manages the software’s global support.

Roy Yehuda


Sr. Consultant Live Optics Product Manager

Roy joined EMC in 1999, and managed several groups in engineering, marketing and shared services.  Roy joined the Live Optics team in October 2016 as part of the Dell EMC acquisition.  Prior to this Roy was the Director of TCO / ROI and sizing tools group in the Shared Services organization.

With over 30 years of hi-tech experience including product development, project management, marketing and product management Roy is now in charge of all CPSD activities within the Live Optics team.

Bruce Wolfeld


Sr. Consultant Live Optics Product Manager

Bruce joined EMC in 2002 and has led numerous strategic initiatives in the areas product development, marketing and shared services  Bruce joined the Live Optics team in October 2016 as part of the Dell EMC acquisition.  Prior to this Bruce was part of EMC's Shared Services organization where he led the development of cloud based pre-sales sizing platforms.


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