Uploading SIOKIT file in the Live Optics collector

Live Optics Agent


The Live Optics collector supports sending data to the Live Optics web portal either automatically when a collection is occurring or by uploading a file (.SIOKIt) that is generated locally by a collection.  This document outlines the process for using the collector to upload a .SIOKIT file

Quick-Start Directions

  1. Launch Live Optics Collector (Windows .NET version)
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Click “Yes, I agree” to accept the End User License Agreement (prompted only on first execution)
  4. Click “Yes, this is me” after verifying your identity is correct (prompted only on first execution)
  5. Click “Upload SIOKIT” on the top menu bar
  6. Clock “Browse for File”, select the .SIOKIT file to upload, then click Open
  7. Enter a name for the project to be created
  8. Click Upload
  9. Click Quit to exit the application

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Download the Live Optics Windows collector software (if not done so already)

  • There are two methods to download the collector software.
    • One: From the email you received from your systems consultant inviting you to Live Optics by clicking the Download Collector link.
    • Two: From the Live Optics portal, select Collectors from the left menu, then Download Collector.
  • Either option will bring you to the Download Collectors page. To perform storage array profiles, download the Windows collector.  Note, the Windows collector requires .NET 4.5 or greater to be installed on the host running the collector.
  • Click the Download button to start the download. A file named LiveOptics.zip will be downloaded.
  • Once the file download completes, extract the contents of the zip file on the host where you wish to run the software. The Live Optics collector does not install like a typical Windows application.  Extracting the zip file is all that is needed to run the collector.  Note, the collector can be run on any host with IP connectivity to the storage arrays you wish to profile.


Step 2: Run Live Optics collector software

  • Open the directory where you extracted the files from the zip download and double-click LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe.
  • Click the “Yes, I agree” button to accept the End User License Agreement
    • Note, this appears the first time you run the collector software. Each subsequent time you will not be asked this question


  • Confirm your name/company is correct and click “Yes, this is me”. If you were invited to run Live Optics, your systems consultant information will also be listed.
    • Note, this appears the first time you run the collector software. Each subsequent time you will not be asked this question.



Step 3: Uploading the SIOKIT file

  • From the upper right menu bar, select Upload SIOKIT.



  • Click Browse for File. Select the .siokit file.
  • Enter the name of the project to be created. Click Upload.




  • The files is uploaded to the web portal. During the upload, a status bar indicates the progress.  As some .SIOKIT files can be quite large, the upload may take some time to complete depending on the speed of your Internet connection.




  • The collector will indicate when the upload has completed. Click Quit to close the collector.
  • You will receive an email from Live Optics when your project is ready for viewing on the web portal.





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