Download and run the Dell EMC SAN Health Utility

Live Optics Agent


The Dell EMC SAN Health utility collects data from any SAN environment and produces a detailed Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint detailing the SAN Configuration.  Nearly all directors and switches are supported, including Dell EMC Connectrix, Brocade, McData, Cisco, and Cisco Nexus.

This KB Article is designed to demonstrate the workflow to run the Dell EMC SAN Health Utility. 


Quick-Start Directions

  1. Login to Live Optics with your credentials and access your profile
  2. Download the SAN Health Utility
  3. Review the instructions and run the Dell EMC SAN Health Utility

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Login to Live Optics with your credentials and access your profile

  • Access the Live Optics portal ( and login with your account credentials.
  • If you have never logged into Live Optics before, go to and request your account be created or contact your Dell Sales Team and request they register you to the Live Optics portal.

Step 2: Download the SAN Health Utility

  • Go to the Live Optics dashboard, select “Tools” and then select “SAN Health”



Step 3. Review the instructions and run the Dell EMC SAN Health Utility

  • Download the Dell EMC SAN Health utility. The utility is delivered in a .ZIP file with additional instructions.
  • The .ZIP file contains the utility and a “Tips and Tricks” PDF file with instructions on how to run the utility.


Step 4. Extract and start installation of the SAN Health Application

  • Click on the InstallSANHealth408b_EMC file and click Extract All


  • Select folder where ZIP should store the file


  • Find the installation icon in your designated folder


  • Click on the icon to run the install utility


Step 5. Installation of the SAN Health Application

  • Review the installation start screen and then click "Next"
  • Review the terms of the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, check the box next to “I agree to these terms and conditions” and then click on the next button.



  • The installer asks for the location of the install folder and the location to store audit data. (Default values are recommended)


  • Once installation has completed, click "Finish" to exit the installer.



Step 6. Running the SAN Health Check

  • Locate the "San Health 4" desktop icon and double-click to run.
  • The opening screen includes helpful links to videos, the San Health support matrix and options for getting assistance.



Step 7. Enter Site Details

  • Enter your site details including the user and company information. You must enter a valid email in the “Report Return” field, otherwise you will not receive any results.
  • If applicable, check the box for “Another company you are working with” and enter the email address of your Dell EMC Sales Engineer.  This will cause the reports generated to be sent directly to their email address. 



Step 8. Enter switch and fabric information

  • Click on “Add Switches” and enter the credentials for your switches. The tool will only gather statistics on devices where the credentials are identified. 


  • Click on “Fabric” and enter the details of your fabric



  • Click on “Switch” in the tree view display and review the details for your switches.


Step 9. Start the audit

  • Click on Start Audit to start collecting information of your SAN
  • You will receive a full report via email in approximately 48 hours


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    Ken Kraus

    What is after Step 9?  I have LiveOptics installed and also ran SANHealth..what is next?  How do I get a report?

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    Ling-Yan Lau

    Ken Kraus

    Step 7 - Enter your email address.  When the audit is completed you will get the option to send the data to Broadcom who will then email you the report within 48 hours.

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    Kirill Kostitsyn

    But how get PPT report from LiveOptics?

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  • 0

    Hassen Bencherchali



    can we run SAN HEALTH on offline mode, like LiveOptics?



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