What to expect in Live Optics

Sam Kirchoff


Today, Live Optics is the de facto host based assessment technology used to capture and share workload requirements in the IT community. Live Optics is a community open to IT Pros, Partners and Providers of technology. 


A forum format where unregistered users can browse topics and read community-driven conversations. Registered users can contribute in forum activity. This is not an official support forum, but rather designed for community assistance. 

Host / Virtualization Optics:

Understanding the world of performance from the Operating System’s perspective is the most universally portable depiction of workload performance. It's the primary way to gather data. 

"Optical Prime" as we call it in the product supports all the major OSes; Windows, Linux, Solaris, HPUX. As well as the leading marketing hypervisors; VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, etc..

Since our Server/Virtualization features are hardware and platform agnostic, any hardware platform and any Public Cloud service provider will be supported. Simply use the Live Optics collector to record the Virtual Machines if they are located in a Public Cloud and not managed by a supported Hypervisor. 

File Optics:

Rapid file characterization software that will help you understand your unstructured data. This is particularly insightful in regards to archive potential, dedupe and compressibility, as well as understanding what file categories are consuming the majority of your storage.

Workload Optics:

MS SQL is supported today with multiple other high performance applications coming online this year. 


All the market leading storage providers are supported; Dell EMC, HPE, Pure, IBM, and Hitachi. 

Data Protection Optics:

All the market leading Data Protection providers are supported; Dell EMC, Networker, Veeam, Commvault, and IBM. 


Sharing and Teams

OEMs and Channel Partners can register “Teams” today in Live Optics. Teams are managed by the corporate entities themselves and have additional features to help personalize the experience when interacting with your customer community.

  • Private Activity and Data Zoning
  • Co-Branding
  • Add/remove employee access administration
  • Personalized invitation workflow

** “Teams” functionality will be extended to IT Pros in a subsequent release.

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