A message from our GM

Team Live Optics

A message from our GM

For any End Users that are effected by the inability to log in to your account during the consolidation period of assessment software we offer our apologies for any interruption and some answers.

What is happening?

Nothing is going away, it’s simply changing form.

Post merge of Dell & EMC there will be a newly formed offering where all Dell Technologies, their collective Partners and End Users can join a community of self-driven host and product assessments. All of this functionality will be donated to the global community with no charge.

This newly formed entity will be hosted at LiveOptics.com and the first access to this site’s functionality will be released in the late September time frame. 

Why can’t I log in?

This is an unfortunate side effect of collapsing and consolidating software as well as moving infrastructure platforms to support the combined demand of the entire Dell Technologies community.

Our charter is to give you improved access and functionality, but at the cost of a short disruption.

How can I get my assessment if I need it now?   

All assessment functionality is still available in one of three ways:

  • Upload the files to our support site, we will help facilitate your request
  • Involve your assigned Dell EMC Systems Engineer who helped you establish that account
  • Involve your assigned Partner Systems Engineer who might have helped you establish that account

All three ways will successfully get you your assessments.

What can I do to be proactive?

The entire LiveOptics.com community will be the next evolution of Dell EMC’s DPACK program. While this program today offers sophisticated Host based assessments only, as it transforms to LiveOptics.com it will include customary Storage and other product based assessments.

We invite you to proactively obtain your DPACK account as soon as possible. Your account will seamlessly migrate to the new offering. https://dpack2.dell.com/register

We look forward to your continued participation in our programs!

Sam Kirchoff

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