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A New Era:
After founding DPACK in 2008/9, this will mark my 3rd, technically 4th (before DPACK had a name!), generational launch of DPACK, and there is more to come!

DPACK and our team will continue in its official 3rd generation, but we will mature to take on a new brand that represents the combined entities of Dell Technologies.  We have successfully obtained and trademarked a new product name and we will rebrand DPACK as Live Optics™ with our first release in September.

Live Optics™ will be a community of resources for IT Professionals or suppliers of our IT-related products and services.  Using the DPACK code base, Live Optics™ will also transform to become a full-fledged SaaS provider of workload performance and file characterization analysis.

This will all remain free of charge to everyone:

  • Individuals (freemail accounts to be supported soon)
  • Corporate, Public, or Federal IT Professionals
  • Partners/VARs
  • OEMs & MSPs

This new combined effort will be one of, if not the, world’s largest repositories of user-donated datacenter workload characteristics that spans more than 170 countries, 100s of thousands of end users, more than 20 thousand partners and OEMs, and is delivered in 9 native languages.

This will be the foundation for executing on our long-term vision to radically change how those that consume technology approach and interact with those that supply technology.

As we pioneer this massive effort to provide transparency and insight to the IT community, I will be chronicling this journey and our decisions here in this blog.

Be sure to follow on Twitter to get the latest news feeds: @SJKirchoff

Sam Kirchoff
GM of DPACK… soon to be Live Optics™!



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    Juan Jose Oliver

    Good job Sam & DPACK Team. Keep it up!

    I'm looking forward to testing the new Live optics.



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    Doreen Christiani

    DPACK/Live Optics team:

    Wishing you much continued success.  Already one of our finest toolsets, now getting even better.

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    Hector Salinas

    Hi Sam, Amazing Job you still doing here Congrats!!!....I would say I´m DPack Fan Since 2012

    Look these screenshot from my first Dpack Report @Jan-2012    .=)

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