How To View VM List for Hypervisors

Live Optics Agent


When Live Optics created the Environment View it displayed a chart for all of the server roles within the Live Optics projects.  As part of the Server Roles chart, there was a "Guest VM" category that was displayed.  This information was collected during initial discovery from the various supported hypervisor operating systems, vCenter (VMWare), Hyper-V nodes, etc. The total number of VM nodes listed included all guest OS VMs, including both active and non-active VMs.

We have now released additional guest OS VM information at both the project level and the hypervisor level.  This will provide a list of all the VMs listed in the Server Roles chart.  Additionally, this data can also be exported to a CSV format for further needs outside of Live Optics.


Below are the instructions on how to access the VM List information within the Performance View of a Live Optics project as well as how to export the data to a CSV file. 

Prerequisite Information

  • The Live Optics project has already been created from one or more Live Optics collector runs
  • Access to a Live Optics account should already be complete before beginning the following steps.

Step 1:  Access Performance View of project

  1. Locate project to view and click on the name at the top
  2. Once the project opens, click on the Performance View tab



Step 2:  Select Project or hypervisor 

The VM List tab will only display when either the top level "Project" name (Pic. 1) or one of the hypervisor servers (Pic. 2) is selected.  Select an object from the Device List to see all of the Guest VMs associated with it.  Along with the name of the VM, the OS, the assigned performance resources, as well as the activity status of each virtual machine will also be listed.


Pic. 1 Device_List_Select_Project.png

Pic. 2




Each time you click on a different hypervisor within the project, the data will automatically change.


Step 3:  Export VM List data to CSV file

The data listed for the VMs may be useful for other tasks outside of Live Optics.  To facilitate this, a function to export the data to a CSV file has been added to the VM List tab.  Click on the "Export to CSV" button and a file will be generated that contains the data contained for the current device highlighted.





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